“I, I, I know you're living a lie!”

Oh, so this Eurovision was a proper thing. What a week. I mean, what two days. During those, the Eurovision Song Contest was brought to a situation which is quite unprecedented. And note that I am not using the word “disrepute” as, from my point of view, we are still far away from that. There was a big controversy about Israel being allowed; there were some protests but mostly civil and calm; the main issue came in the arena, when the Israeli singer Eden Golan was booed.

Turris MOX, RAID1, and the overall experience

I have set out to convert my Turris MOX, for which I have no good use right now, to a small NAS, preferably with SMB. Since I will be using the array remotely, I was also searching for a good option for that. (This was written during December of 2022, but I have not been able to finish this. So some of the results are only from what I remember, but I wanted to share the general idea.

dhcpd giving wrong directions


This is just one of many software adventures that I’ve encountered while on my wild ride at Sincoolka. Since we don’t have a blog of our own, I’m publishing it here and hope that it sticks. Actually, a colleague and a friend from Silicon Hill (a dormitory club at Strahov, Prague) prompted this text. How? Read on.

Well that was shocking.

First we saw a concert of Laura Pausini. Then a train of good songs going quite well. Then a different train of melancholic, slow, ballady songs, which I liked but eventually kinda flopped, where a song called Trenulețul (Train) was cleverly sandwiched in between. And some space, man. Then a Måneskin concert, then some Mika concert, and then that surprising jury voting, and lastly Europe massively voting for Ukraine. And then we were all very sad that Ukraine had won and not the UK.


Do you understand how hard it is to concentrate on something, with all the distractions in the world? If yes, then you can understand my situation today, as I urgently attempt to concentrate on learning some stuff, and instead, I am instinctively going to Twitter, where I have purposefully deactivated my account just yesterday. It’s not enough, but it’s a start, because the situation has already become critical for me.

ESCZ 2022

Update: Congrats to We Are Domi! This one will make us proud, I can feel it, if they can stage it right, and I believe they can :-)

The next Eurovision Song Contest will come to Italy and our tiny little country in the heart of Europe has the tough choice of one of 7 tracks to represent us again. I did worry if they are any good, and, here’s my take on this selection. (Spoiler: They are, and you want to see the live-on-tapes. They are all so good at performing.)

Oh yeah, and there’s online voting running. Go to https://escz2022.com or the Eurovision app on the phone (which redirects to that page anyway). International voters are 25 % and Czech voters have another 25 % of the result. Tomorrow (15th Dec) is the last day of voting.

Automatic proxy configuration?

A small talk about a feature that is generally little known among “common folk,” yet it can be either very helpful for network administrators, or very upsetting for network users, too.

Windows 10 Insider: integrated SSH server

As far as I can remember, Microsoft Windows only had a Telnet server integrated, if we don’t count recent PowerShell Remoting (using Windows Remote Management, or WinRM). Still, it wasn’t SSH. Since 14352, people were finding traces, of what proved to be an integrated Microsoft SSH Server for Windows. Because Microsoft is also contributing to OpenSSH for Windows project, and that it’s getting to a fairly usable stage, I found the inclusion of the service quite interesting.

Upgrade to Windows 10: Microsoft knows what they're doing

For a long time, I’ve been on the side of… let’s say, maybe not advocates, but generally accepting to the Windows 10 upgrade offer. What I disliked from the first moment, though, was the aggresivity with which Microsoft cloned his baby to hundreds of millions of machines. And now, it looks like the Sky.NET has finally awoken, ready to upgrade us all! So, what happened and why am I so passively angry about it? And why I’m writing now?

HttpClient: What Do You Want To Ph*ck Today? ™

This is a story about one of the most used components in Windows Runtime framework – and, from a historical perspective, also one of the most flawed collection of components. During previous months, I had to endure several really unpleasant encounters with this devil of a component, whether it was imperfect implementation or missing features… So, in this article, I’ll attempt to outline at least some of these.

Windows 10, UWP and Jim Sweeney: a reasonable outburst?

NOTE: this was supposed to be released months ago. I just found it in my drafts.

A lot has been written on the subject of Jim Sweeney, the CEO of Epic Games. He presented some very (for the Windows community) outrageous cricitism based on a theory that UWP ecosystem is, in fact, locked down, and that Win32 applications do not have these restrictions.

Well, let me tell you something, and some of you won’t like it. (You know that I try to advocate MS sometimes.) That guy has a point.

Windows 10: Internet Connection Sharing on build 14316

Did you get stuck on “COM Surrogate” crashing while trying to configure Internet Connection Sharing feature in latest Windows 10 builds? Or WLAN Autoconfig (WlanSvc) service is crashing for you? Here, I present a workaround that worked for me.

♥ Gluttony, ♥ weird packets, ♥ kernel bugs etc...

Personally, I can tackle most of the common Linux problems, but then, I get punched to the face from a completely unexpected direction. Kernel issues are the ones that are the hardest for me to debug, and when one happens, it always takes me whole day to come to that magical conclusion…

Have a phone, want to do Hangouts, but no internet connection? :)

Half an hour ago (now it’s few days ago), I’ve finished a conference call. It was not an ordinary conference call, though, I was on a train – and while we do have some internet connection here, it is not sufficient to do any VoIP communication, much less a Hangouts call. So before I boarded the train, I was thinking if there is a way to connect myself to the call.

Turns out that if there’s is a will, there’s always a way.